Sticker of the Day Volume 1

I collect stickers on my sewing table and I have for many years. I'm going to attempt (key word here) to catalogue each sticker (except the little stupid filler ones) and give its backstory. When I say "of the day", I don't mean every single day. I wish I had that kind of time but […]

Attention FanGirls/Boys

Editor’s Note: If this comes off super bitchy, it’s because I’m sick and I’m missing a good friend’s wedding that I really wanted to go to so you’ve been warned. Channing Tatum has confirmed that he will be playing Gambit and is actively working on the film. It’s been pretty common knowledge for awhile that […]

Nice Guy Superheroes 

I work for a nice guy.  Just simply that: he’s a nice guy. No agenda or favor implicit in that statement. I make it my business to not work for or associate with jerks and Scott Carty isn’t one. I knew he was a nice guy when he offered me an internship (giving me a […]


When Scott told me to listen to Pickwick and see what I thought about them since they have a new album coming out tomorrow, I wanted to make sure I gave them a fair shake so I spent a good deal of time listening to them. My music tastes can be described as very eclectic. […]

New Chapter

I had the pleasure of connecting with my mentor and internship boss, Scott Carty, this weekend. After finishing college, I immediately thought, “okay, now what?” I promised myself to be patient and just wait for something to happen while continuing to work hard but I lied – hard work isn’t the problem…patience is. I don’t […]

Full Circle 

Currently, I am listening to my daughter talk to her Boppa (my dad) in the guest room. He flew in this evening. She weaseled her way out of her own room to go sleep in the guest room with him so he “won’t be lonely”. HA! She’s asking him how he met Emmy (my momma). […]

Vroom Vroom Beep Beep

Being disabled is probably the hardest thing I’ve ever had to accept. Some days, I often wonder if I’ve fully accepted it yet. Obviously, logically I know that I am disabled because a. The VA says I am. b. Countless doctors have told me I am, c. I have the scars to remind me and […]