Batjeepster Rings

Yesterday, I sat in the sun on my porch swing with a Dr. Pepper with Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot type) printed on the can, reading #1 of Wonder Woman from the DC Universe’s Rebirth event. I had just did yard work for two hours so trust me, I earned the respite. On my finger? A […]


Author’s Note: I’ve seen more than a couple of articles on “mom blogs” condemning Lularoe and other home-based businesses (which are, statistically, more often than not run by stay at home moms) – someone even likened it to a cult. Ouch. There’s a fancy acronym for them but I don’t really care to look it […]

There is No I in “Team”

I would say that the most informative teamwork example I have ever experienced was in boot camp.  I was the leader of the evolution exercise for a whole evening of exercises that were required to complete to graduate boot camp. This is called “Battlestations” in the Navy and while it seems really rigorous and exhausting […]

Musings of A Woman With A Bad Back

Yesterday, I spent much of the day laid up in bed because I had thrown my back out doing gardening. Yes, gardening. I love it and it’s fun. I was feeling kind of crummy and I had read an article about someone who had gone through the same fallout with friends as I had gone […]

Ode to The Mom’s Group

In November of 2014, I was miserable. When I say “miserable”, it wasn’t because of the crappy Alaskan weather coupled with the darkness that prevaded everything. It wasn’t that we’d just moved there a year ago and we were all still adjusting. It wasn’t even the fact that my husband had a weird schedule with […]

Cait Gets a Gig

In order to pursue my dream of becoming a bona fide journalist/writer with chops, I put in my resume with Scott Carty, who has been in the field for years and has a wellspring of knowledge, information, and will help me with practical application of journalism in my intended field of arts and entertainment.  I’m […]

Facebook Live Doesn’t Kill People

As of this posting, they still haven’t found the man responsible (still refuse to say his name) for the death of Robert Godwin Sr and I continue to pray for his swift capture. According to NBC News’ website: “Federal and local law enforcement officers in at least five states were on the hunt Monday for […]