New Chapter

I had the pleasure of connecting with my mentor and internship boss, Scott Carty, this weekend. After finishing college, I immediately thought, “okay, now what?” I promised myself to be patient and just wait for something to happen while continuing to work hard but I lied – hard work isn’t the problem…patience is. I don’t lie to other people but I do lie to myself. 

Scott gave me, as always, some really amazing tips and advice. He’s a truly awesome person and professional journalist. He asked me, quite simply, what I was passionate about when I was whining about not having a “clear path”. 

I’m passionate about the arts (especially comic books, musicals, movies, books, music, and the like). I am also very passionate about veterans rights (for obvious reasons) and non-profit organizations.  

You might have noticed (or not) that a lot of blog postings have gone bye bye. This isn’t because I wrote anything of which I’m ashamed but rather they weren’t exactly in line with my passions. They were taking on this tone and direction I don’t want to go in. If you want my opinions on any topic politically, religiously, or otherwise, I can give it to you but I don’t want to write about it. The news is full of that stuff already and people already know what’s happening or have their own views. No one wants to be reminded of the vitriol and hatred in this world – they want to know there’s still joy, hope, and beauty. And there is. There is art and love and life everywhere. I sound like an unrepentant hippie but, as an unlicensed volunteer art therapy teacher, I have seen how art can transform people in the most amazing ways. I don’t need a license in it to observe its powerful way of helping people cope with their problems.  

My goal and focus is to find that beauty and share it. These aren’t fluff pieces or people pleasing sugar coated tidbits but rather delving into what in the world is good and focusing on it. People who inspire, music that doesn’t suck, books that open your mind, movies that have you on the edge of your theater seat, and programs/charities that make differences in people’s lives – real differences – but it all gets beaten down by the constant stream of blood, guts, divisiveness, and bile of the day to day. 

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