10 Days Later….

It’s been quite awhile since you’ve heard from me but rest assured it wasn’t because I was quitting this endeavor or anything. I had a lot on my plate, as it were, and like any large plate of food, you can only consume it one bite at a time. 

Here’s what’s on the menu for me lately:

– Two internships. One is with Scott Carty and I love it. Right now I’m writing copy for his blog and I’m learning a lot from it. It’s the groundwork that one needs to do to attain experience and pay one’s dues, which is something I actually enjoy doing. I also got an internship with whowhatwhy.org and I’m working with a journalist on a series of articles about homelessness and how it effects veterans. It’s difficult to write a series of any articles if you feel personally tied to the situation (being a veteran) and wanting to write from a personal point of view, but that’s not the point of the site and I’m there to get better/learn. I don’t have “formal” experience with journalism (I.e. A college degree) so I need to work twice as hard to get to where I want to be. 

– College – my very last class! It’s been a long road and I took a few years off to get my head on straight but I’m ready to get my diploma as a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice. So ready.

– Abby – Obviously, these aren’t in any kind of prioritized order because she’s always #1. But she’s not here right now because she’s going to Germany with my parents. She’s so spoiled or, as my mother in law points out sagely, she’s very loved. I prefer Melanie’s view of things because Abby doesn’t act like she deserves any of this stuff and is truly grateful for everything she gets. She always says thank you and is mindful of her blessings, which I am terribly proud of my six year old displaying. She requests after each Christmas to write a thank you letter to Santa without being prompted. Right now, my parents and Abby are in Charleston and they got to go see Rhiannon Giddens in concert. She took her cool stuffed animal harbor seal (Seala) with her and got to meet Mrs. Giddens and have her LP record signed. Abby was very excited and had a great time! 

– Having an empty house – that might seem like something of a Godsend to most but to me it’s pure torture. I’m only on day 2 of a completely empty house (save for the fur babies) and I’m about to lose my mind. It’s so quiet in here that I have to have the TV or music playing at all times. The house is completely clean and orderly…there is absolutely nothing to do. The hobbies that I love to do, I can’t concentrate on for shit. Maddening. If I ever say “Oh my God I just want 5 minutes to myself” again, slap me. Seriously. This is hell. I miss my family. I’m not pathetic – I can survive just fine but I don’t have to enjoy it. I am getting a lot of reading done, though!

– Equine Assisted Therapy Alaska – I’m going to need a whole blog dedicated to this but I’m really psyched about joining their Freedom Reins program for another year. They took someone afraid of riding a horse after a near fatal accident with one and turned her into someone who can’t wait to get back to the barn to groom/tack horses. I’m still anxious about riding but that’s in my goals for this season. 

On to the more recent news: I got turned down for a position as an editor of a website for which I wanted to work. Maybe this is because I’ve been through far worse situations or maybe it’s just because, as a writer, I’ve become really familiar/comfortable with rejection, but I didn’t flip out over this. I mean, obviously I was sad about it for a moment but I read the news in a hot tub at the gym so I mused that I’ve received much worse news in much worse places. Not to be too “Pollyanna” about it, but I’m pretty happy with it. The outlet was nothing but professional and nice. They invited me to apply for other positions in their organization as they arise. They had 100 applicants and only 25 were invited to test and I was among that group of 25. When you do the math, it means I am in pretty good company considering I don’t have formal degree in this field…merely a love of writing and on the job training/experience. I am owed nothing and I am happy for the opportunity to apply for an outlet I greatly respect. It’s not how you hit the mat, it’s how you get back up, folks.

When I got the news, I forwarded it to my family to keep them in the loop, took a deep breath, got out of the hot tub and went for a nice run and lifted some weights. I indulged in the hydro-massage chair thing at the gym and headed to get some Subway. I had a meatball sub and read while I just enjoyed the meal I’d earned with hard work. Now I’m home and post shower, I’m enjoying relaxing for once, which is kind of the silver lining of Sam and Abby being absent for awhile. I’m one of those weird, neurotic freaks that has to be goaded into relaxing but I decided that, based on today’s hard work (school and gym), I deserve a break. Here I sit on the couch, watching Rick and Morty, drinking good coffee (Laughing Man – the only kind I like anymore), and I have a Glade candle burning. I don’t know how you relax but this here for me is heaven. 

Hope all is well with y’all and I’ll write more as more is inspiring for me to write about – otherwise you’re just reading my day to day minutiae and that’s no fun! 

2 thoughts on “10 Days Later….

  1. i think it’s wonderful that the mental hospital loosens the restraints to give its patients period Internet access.


    1. They’re remarkably supportive of my efforts at achieving wellness. Occasionally I upgrade to writing with crayons (no sharp objects allowed on the ward).


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