Justin Wells: Guitar-Wielding Superhero 

The first time I met Justin Wells was in January 2009. It was the first time I had met Sam in person in Virginia Beach (where I was stationed) after “meeting” Sam on Match.com. Sam, in order to have backup in case I turned out to be a 40 year old psychotic man that wanted to turn him into a festive human-skin hat, brought a couple of his friends. One of those friends? Justin. When I met Justin, even if I was a psychotic, I don’t think I would have fared well against him. At 6 foot Oh my GAWD, he’s a visually imposing guy. As you talk to him, you realize his heart is bigger than his physical size. If his accent makes you think he might be dim or slow, you couldn’t be more wrong – he’s a psychology-degree-holding philosophical genius and will pontificate at length about almost anything, especially music. Because he’s a musician, obviously musical knowledge is his forte and he knows just about all of it. He’s not pretentious or arrogant about his smarts or talent, either. He is, simply, a true artist with an artist’s soul. 

He hugs you and your heart might burst from the feeling of comfort and emotional warmth (also physical warmth because he’s blocking all the elements). In the 7-8 years I’ve known this man, he’s never pissed me off. He’s never said anything that made me angry. Hell, he’s said things I disagree with from time to time but he’s never pompous about it; he merely respectfully disagrees and goes on about his life. 

And oh Lord, is this man funny. He’s not meanspirited or cruel but he can troll people pretty well. He trolls people intelligently and full of such humor that by the end of it, the other person is laughing (or just has no sense of humor). 

The night of my accident, Sam and I had planned on going to see one of his shows with his band at the time, Fifth on the Floor. When Sam called him about what had happened to me, Justin offered to cancel the show to be by Sam’s side and help in any way he could. Sam told him it was okay and he didn’t have to do that. Justin played the show, played a song just for me and did a toast. I didn’t know it at the time since I was in a coma but damned if I can’t think about that gesture and not want to weep like a baby.

Fast forward and he currently is a solo act on stage but at home, he’s married to his best friend and high school sweetheart, Andrea, whom everyone loves as soon as they meet her. They have two beautiful little twin girls that Abby sees maybe once or twice a year but every time I’ve seen them all together, they have a blast like no time has passed at all. 

Taking After Their Parents
Three Musketeers

I don’t have to represent or advertise for his musical prowess because that all speaks for itself and he has better representation than some chick with a blog…but, if you’re so inclined (and you should be because he’s very talented), go ahead and check out his music in the links below. 

What I want to, not so succinctly, draw attention to today is his aforementioned heart. I read this post he put up on his Facebook today and I had to go run for tissues. As a mother of a child that was bullied (relentlessly when she was 4) and a person who has been bullied, as well, I want nothing more than the bullies to know the wrath of hellfire raining down on them from above. Justin, as always, takes a more poetic and beautiful approach. 

Post from her momma
Written out in full below

This is my friend Alice. Alice is having a hard time with bullies at school.

This really tears me up. I was picked on quite a bit growing up. I was a weird, clumsy, goofy kid with an odd sense of humor. That don’t always fly in a rural southern town.

It sucks. There’s no more poetic way to put it.

Alice ain’t even any of that. She’s awesome. She’s got a good heart, and is wise and smart beyond her years. And if she’s weird, it’s the good kind, the kind that is teaching those kids to be jealous of her at a young age.

If you want to leave a kind thought for Alice here, I promise you I’ll make sure she sees it. Teach your kids to be kind. Like Alice.

If you’re on Facebook and you feel like giving this tenacious little girl a pick-me-up, throw on a sweet comment for her so she knows she’s not alone. I know by now it’s already gotten a lot of likes and comments and she is probably just grateful her favorite musician is cheering for her…but a couple more comments wouldn’t hurt, now would they?

She’s got a heart you cannot break…and she’s my hero. And, as always, so is Justin. 

Love you, brother. Give your ladies hugs and kisses from the Elam clan! 

Website: Justinwellsmusic.com

Twitter: @JustinWWells

Facebook: Justin Wells Music

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