Batjeepster Rings

Yesterday, I sat in the sun on my porch swing with a Dr. Pepper with Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot type) printed on the can, reading #1 of Wonder Woman from the DC Universe’s Rebirth event. I had just did yard work for two hours so trust me, I earned the respite. On my finger? A gleaming bit of bling from Batjeepster Jewelry. It made me feel all sorts of powerful and Wonder Woman-esque, which is important for every mom to feel so close to Mother’s Day!

I won’t lie – I’m not a huge jewelry fan. I normally wear my wedding ring and my necklace and MAYBE earrings if I’m feeling saucy. My necklace has my cross, a chai pendant from Jerusalem from my beautiful mother in law, and a Wolverine pendant I got randomly at my hairdresser’s four years ago (something I like to call “fate”). That’s really all I “need”. I might change it up every once in awhile if the occasion calls for it, like when my husband got me some awesome T-Rex earrings that I wear sometimes or when I bought myself X-Men themed studs that looked like Wolverine slashed the X emblem in a circle. Obviously, there are exceptions to my sparse-jewelry rule.

A colleague from Geek Vibes Nation, Charles Kiwacz, mentioned a friend of his made and sold his own jewelry and asked if I would be willing to “test” a couple rings and write a review. Intriguing, if not a little difficult because a. I am not a big jewelry person and b. It’s pretty difficult to write a review on a piece of metal other than “I like it”. 

However, I felt that if someone was so passionate about having a woman’s perspective/review, I owed it to them to give the project due diligence. I looked at the site and even as a jewelry agnostic, I was impressed. It was pretty amazing to see someone not only make such intricate and gorgeous jewelry but also learn that he and his friend make all of this all themselves in a garage. That, to me, is inspiring to know that people have completely started from the ground up and now run a successful business. 

When I received the jewelry (the Wonder Woman ring and a Flash ring) in the mail, I immediately put them on. I don’t care how apathetic people are about jewelry in general, when you get it in the mail amidst bills and flyers for lawn care, it’s a nice little pick-me-up to the mail-getting process, if not the whole day. Now, two days after receiving the package, both rings are in my regular rotation. They’re comfortable, classy, not overly busy but beautiful in their simplicity, and damn durable (I’m outdoorsy and have a six year old – I’m impressed when things last a day). 

I’ll even go on record as saying I’m not even a huge Flash fan; it’s not that I don’t like him – it’s just never been a comic book I’ve read at great length so I know very little about him other his basic backstory and powers. They had a lot of great products but the Flash ring and the Wonder Woman ring were the ones I liked best and I didn’t feel asking for a custom order was fair or feasible in terms of time. 

Despite the lack of Flash in my day-to-day (and I know it sounds silly and I certainly am not a person that would be intrigued by something based on a jewelry concept), I feel the need to read more Flash and maybe catch the show so I don’t look like a total toolbag when I wear the ring (which I love because it’s gorgeous). 

I even used to work at a jewelry store in my high school days and I enjoyed it. I learned a lot about diamonds, quality, cut, different types of metals, jewelry design, and the whole shebang; I think I just like looking at or coming up with concepts for jewelry and appreciating it more than I like actually wearing it.

In summation: this is amazing craftsmanship from a self-made men that create some stunning works of wearable art and they have my endorsement. If I ever have jewelry that I need made, I’m going to be going to Batjeepster first and foremost – they’ve definitely earned that kind of business loyalty.

Their contact info:

Twitter: @Batjeepster


Facebook: Batjeepster Rings

P.S. I have absolutely no clue what “Batjeepster” means – so I suppose you’ll just have to ask them when you order from them 😉

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