Cait Gets a Gig

In order to pursue my dream of becoming a bona fide journalist/writer with chops, I put in my resume with Scott Carty, who has been in the field for years and has a wellspring of knowledge, information, and will help me with practical application of journalism in my intended field of arts and entertainment. 

I’m currently getting my criminal justice degree through Oklahoma Wesleyan and I am exactly 2 classes away from achieving that end. I had a little bit of a “break” due to kidney stone issues and surgery but I’m back after working up to it slowly but surely, better than ever and ready to get this party started.

I went from sitting around wondering what the hell to do with myself and trying everything under the sun to being an art therapy teacher, writer, art mentor to a particularly lovely young lady (daughter of my friend, Laura Stennett, who is an amazing photographer/mother/person), and now unpaid intern. I say “unpaid” but that’s just monetary because the knowledge and experience is its own payment. I had written for an outlet before and not gotten paid before but that wasn’t delineated as an intern gig, which is totally different and altogether frustrating. 

I’m pretty damn stoked to start this new chapter and playing the time management game, which mercifully won’t be a big deal since I have a pretty autonomous kid, good friends, a supportive family, and a WPM typing speed of 107. 

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