Will Write For Food (Especially Cookies)

In an effort to change my life in more positive ways by taking charge of it, I just sent my resume and cover letter, or at least feelers, out to about 10 different media outlets whether they had an opening for a writer or not. I might hear back, but probably not and that’s totally okay. I think the best part of putting yourself out there isn’t what you get back but rather the knowledge that you took a risk and however small it might seem to some, it was big to you. I know that sounds really fanciful and full of bullcrap but I really truly believe that. I also believe failure and rejection are good for the soul and help you better yourself but it doesn’t mean I enjoy it in a masochistic kind of way; I simply see it as a learning experience.

I’m not going to let the fear of striking out keep me from playing the game, as Babe Ruth says. I’d like to do this for a living because it’s my passion. I’ve been writing since I was 6. Yes, technically, I am now doing this writing thing full-time but I’m not earning any money for it and it seems to be a marketable skill. Everyone is good at something and I am good at writing. I like people and I like talking to them. I love stories.

As of right now, I’m doing research and administrative work for my sister’s grants consulting company for non-profit organizations. I enjoy the work/opportunity and it’s challenging but overall, I want to write full-time for a media outlet.

So, in a really shameless way, I’m also asking if anyone out there has any super awesome leads on writing full-time for an outlet. If it’s an outlet that has to do with super nerdy entertainment stuff, that’s definitely my wheelhouse.

Thanks so much!

  • Cait

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