Head, Shoulders, Kneel, and Stand, Kneel and Stand…

Author’s Note: This is the cleaned up fancy-pants version of my Facebook rant while I sat in agonizing pain in the parking lot of my daughter’s school. A lot of it was disjointed and out of place for obvious reasons and a few other parts needed clarification if you don’t know me personally. This is […]

Proof of Life

I swear to God I’m alive and kicking – it’s just been hell on earth with these kidney stones and the subsequent procedures involved with eradicating them. Be patient – I’ll get back to ya soon and share my “incredible” journey through the VA health system, my thoughts on that, and why private care saved […]

Motivation Station

The husband decided to take a death-defying tumble down a mountain while goat hunting last week and subsequently broke his ankle. He’ll need surgery later but in the meantime he has to wait for his ortho appointment with a compression boot on and some Motrin. Without getting too much into the minutiae of the situation, […]

Sticker Collection – Vol. 2

My sticker collection was born of randomness and boredom. We got the table from our friend and former roommate, Brian, when we moved out of our old house in Kentucky. Having nowhere to really put it at the time, I ended up using it as a work space for crafting and the like. It got […]

McBurger Baby Photo Shoot

My friend, Lauren, had twins about eight months ago, bringing her family of four to a family of six very quickly. Liam and Lola have always been extremely photogenic and adorable and our group of friends have been able to watch the little angels grow up with their two amazing big brothers over the past […]

My Deepest, Darkest Secret

I'm a huge proponent of the phrases, "The book is always better" or "Read the book first". I love books and I've often been guilty of taking books with me to movies to read before the movie or during if the movie sucked. My parents often caught me under a nightlight as a child in […]