Several Forks in the Road

I’m closing in on the last assignment of my collegiate career and I’m feeling a mixture of emotions about it. I’ve stopped blogging to focus on finishing strong so as my load is lightened, more words will appear here so I’m sure you are leaping with joy. I’m feeling more pride than anything that I’m […]

10 Days Later….

It’s been quite awhile since you’ve heard from me but rest assured it wasn’t because I was quitting this endeavor or anything. I had a lot on my plate, as it were, and like any large plate of food, you can only consume it one bite at a time.  Here’s what’s on the menu for […]

Vivint Scam Alert

Yesterday, I had a guy from Vivint come up to the door. I didn’t have time to talk to a salesperson since I was getting the house ready for my dad’s visit, so I asked him for a business card. He said he didn’t have any and he flashed one of the yard signs the […]

Full Circle 

Currently, I am listening to my daughter talk to her Boppa (my dad) in the guest room. He flew in this evening. She weaseled her way out of her own room to go sleep in the guest room with him so he “won’t be lonely”. HA! She’s asking him how he met Emmy (my momma). […]

Vroom Vroom Beep Beep

Being disabled is probably the hardest thing I’ve ever had to accept. Some days, I often wonder if I’ve fully accepted it yet. Obviously, logically I know that I am disabled because a. The VA says I am. b. Countless doctors have told me I am, c. I have the scars to remind me and […]

Justin Wells: Guitar-Wielding Superhero 

The first time I met Justin Wells was in January 2009. It was the first time I had met Sam in person in Virginia Beach (where I was stationed) after “meeting” Sam on Sam, in order to have backup in case I turned out to be a 40 year old psychotic man that wanted […]

For Rent: Space in my head. Price: Free

I’m a stubborn person. Anyone who has met me for more than five minutes knows it and the people who love me tolerate it. The fact that they tolerate it is testimony to how much they must love me because honestly, I can be a pill sometimes. There are times where I’ll stop and tell […]